L to R: Director Louie Ignacio, Ms. Imelda de Joya, and Consul Maria Alnee Gamble 


Three (3) Filipino indie filmmakers participated in the 34th Warsaw International Film Fest held from 12 to 21 October 2018 at Warsaw, Poland.

These were Mr. Brillante Mendoza - director of “Alpha, the Right to Kill”, Mr. Khavn de la Cruz - director of “Bamboo Dogs” and Mr. Louie Ignacio - director of “School Service”.

The film “Alpha, the Right to Kill” revolves around the story of a drug trafficker named Abel and the disappearance of one policeman and his informer with the money and drugs during the investigation.

The film “Bamboo Dogs” is a movie based on the true history of the notorious Kuratong Baleleng gang and its downfall.

The film “School Service” recounts the story of Maya - a victim of the “school service", a vehicle that looks like a regular school bus. The bus offered Maya a ride home however it did not stop at her place. Instead, she was taken together with other kids to Manila to become beggars. Their daily lives revolved around chasing cars and begging for alms.

The Warsaw Film Festival was established in 1985 and was recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations ( as an international film festival in 2009.