Passport Services

Passport applications require the personal appearance of the applicant due to the biometric data requirement incorporated in the e-passport.

All Philippine e-passports are centrally printed in the Philippines.  As a result, the processing period in Warsaw takes from eight to twelve weeks.  After printing, the new passport needs to be shipped from the Philippines to Warsaw. Please visit the List of Passports for Releasing to check the availability of your new passport.

Requirements for passport applications are as follows:

1.   Renewal of passport

2.   Replacement of lost or mutilated passport

  • Police report (for lost valid passports)
  • Mutilated passport plus photocopy of passport data page
  • Affidavit of loss or mutilation (a fee of PLN 100 will be applied)
  • Duly-accomplished passport application form
  • Copy of current residence card
  • Passport fee: PLN 600

Note: For lost passports, a 15-day waiting period will be applied on top of the regular processing period for the replacement of the passport.

3.   Amendment of passport for women (due to marriage)

  • Latest passport plus photocopy of passport data page
  • Duly-accomplished passport application form
  • Report of Marriage
  • Copy of current resident card
  • Passport fee: PLN 240


4. New passport (for children born in Poland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania)

  Passport application form to be accomplished and signed by the parent

  • Report of Birth
  • Copy of parents’ passports and residence cards
  • Passport fee: PLN 240


5.  New passport for Filipinos who reacquired/retained Philippine citizenship under R.A. 9225

  Latest Philippine passport plus photocopy of passport data page

  • Duly-accomplished passport application form
  • Copy of Order of Approval
  • Copy of Oath of Allegiance
  • For women using their spouse’s surname for the first time, Report of Marriage
  • For children included in an approved petition, copy of the parent’s Oath of Allegiance and the Order of Approval which should include the child’s name
  • Passport fee: PLN 240

6.  Travel Document

A travel document may be issued for Filipinos who have lost their passports to allow them to return to the Philippines. A travel document is only valid for 30 days upon issuance.

Filipinos who are in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine for tourism or short-term study and have lost their passport will be issued a Travel Document to allow them to travel immediately to the Philippines.

A Filipino who lost his passport in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine and resides in a third country has no alternative but to use a Travel Document for direct, one-way travel to the Philippines. This travel document cannot be used for the purpose of traveling to another country.


  • Duly accomplished travel document application form [travel document application form]
  • Duly accomplished Request for Assistance or ATN Form, or Affidavit of Explanation (whichever is applicable);
  • In case of a lost passport: Submit Affidavit of Loss [Link for affidavit of loss], Police Report, and photocopy of birth certificate and/or marriage contract (in the case of married women);
  • Present old/lost Philippine passport, or the photocopy of passport information page
  • Copy of applicant’s airline reservation/booking (please ensure that your flight itinerary does not have a layover in any Schengen/EU-member country)
  • Copy of Temporary Resident Card or Visa;
  • Four (4) recent passport-sized pictures with white background; and
  • Travel document fee of 120 PLN.