Foreground:Mr. Marden Garduque

Background L to R: Ambassador Patricia Ann Paez, Mr. Mariusz Dudzicki,
and Ms. Mariia Hruzetska


Group photo L to R: Mr. Jose Magaso, Ms. Mariia Hruzetska, Focal Person for the activity Ms. Imelda de Joya and Ambassador Patricia Ann Paez with participants from other embassies

Philippine Embassy in Warsaw joined the recent clean-up activities on the banks of Vistula River.
Ambassador Patricia Ann V. Paez along with other Embassy personnel took part in collecting non-biodegradable materials around the banks of Vistula River. Finds include mostly of bottles, plastic bags, bottle caps, and cigarette butts.
The “Clean Up the World” program began as an initiative to clean up the Sydney Harbour, Australia in 1989. Since then, it has grown remarkably . Other countries around the world have mounted their own similar grassroots-based campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to draw attention on one day of the year to the need for all of us to be responsible in keeping our environment free of rubbish.
This year’s program was organized by Fundcja Nasza Ziemia with the support of Australian Embassy. Participants included representative from different embassies, volunteers, and NGO members.
In Poland, the year 2018 marks the 25th year anniversary of the campaign.(END)