L to R: Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw Prof. Piotr Taracha and Ambassador Patricia Ann V. Paez addressing the students


Students watching a tourism video about the Philippines


Students going over information materials about the Philippines


Amb. Paez and the Embassy’s action officer for the University of Warsaw activity Ms. Imelda de Joya


Assistant for Economic Diplomacy Mr. Pawel Pawlowski giving Philippine mango juice to the students


Dean Prof. Piotr Patracha having a taste of Philippine mango juice


L to R: Mr. Pawlowski, Amb. Paez, Faculty member Prof. Jan Rogala and Ms. de Joya

In her remarks before the students, teachers, and officials of the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Oriental Studies, Philippine envoy to Poland stressed that the Philippines has not turned into a “killing fields” and urged the audience not to believe all that is being reported about the Philippines in the mainstream media.

Attesting to the fact that there is peace and order in the country, Amb. Paez said that the Philippines recently hosted the Leaders’ Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), an event which was also participated in by the leaders of the US, Russia and Japan, among others. She added that the year before, or in 2016, the Philippines played host to the Miss Universe pageant.

The envoy also said that a recent international poll ranked the Filipinos as the 3rd happiest people in the world.

Amb. Paez lauded the Prof. Patacha and Prof. Rogala for initiating the event which serves as a platform for new or incoming students of Oriental Studies, on one hand; and the ambassadors of Asia, on the other, to meet and interact. She said that this activity is an investment in peace because it promotes better appreciation of different cultures; and thus, fosters mutual respect and understanding. This in in contrast to an investment in conflict where the “knee-jerk” response to disputes is militarization which only induces an arms race. Amb. Paez suggested a forum or seminar on Asia for more detailed presentations by different countries and discussions on issues of vital concern.

After her remarks, a tourism video on the Philippines was played. After the program, the Embassy distributed brochures about the Philippines, CDs of Philippine music, and dried Philippine mangoes, to the delight of the students. Philippine mango juice was also served.

The countries of Embassies which participated in the event were: South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, India, Iran, Bangladesh, Armenia, Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.

The team which worked on the Embassy’s participation to this event was composed of Ms. Imelda de Joya, Mr. Ramon Ebalo, and Mr. Pawel Pawlowski. (END)