04 September 2017 – As part of public diplomacy efforts, the Philippine Embassy in Warsaw conducted a Town Hall meeting with the Filipino community on 03 September 2017 to discuss ASEAN on the group’s 50th founding anniversary and to provide information on the various social insurance benefits for foreign workers in the country.



The Social Insurance Institution or Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (ZUS) sent the following six speakers to discuss the various social insurance contributions and pension benefits: Ms. Grażyna Szczęsna (Branch Director), Ms. Magdalena Wojtyra (Deputy Branch Director for Income), Ms. Jolanta Gryz (Deputy Branch Director for Benefits), Ms. Agnieszka Romańska (Head of Allowances Division), Ms. Marlena Likos (Deputy Chief of Insurance and Contributions Division), and Ms. Danuta Wojciechowska (Deputy Chief of Allowance Division).



Consul Maria Alnee Gamble discusses the ASEAN Community as part of the group's 50th anniversary activities in Poland under the current ASEAN Committee in Warsaw (ACW) chairmanship of Ambassador Patricia Paez.



VRM Operator Jose Magaso conducts biometrics capture of OFW Gemma Borromeo Aranda in the ongoing Overseas Voting (OV) registration, one of 11 total applicants.