President of the Management Board of AMBEREXPO Mr. Andrzej Kasprzak welcoming the guests of EUROPOLTECH 2017



Mr. Kasprzak with the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Police and Senior Commissioner Ms. Helena Michalak before the ribbon-cutting ceremony



Ambassador Patricia Ann V. Paez during the opening ceremony of EUROPOLTECH 2017



Amb. Paez with the Commercial Director of FB (Fabryka Broni Lucznik Radom Sp.z.o.o.) Mr. Sebastian Babula



With PCO SA Export Manager Mr. Radoslaw Pochylski



With the President of the Board of Cenzin Mr. Sebastian Meitz (center) and Director Mr. Jacek Mizior (3rd from left)



With the officials of Cenzin Sp. z.o.o.



With Market Development Manager of Leonardo Helicopters Mr. Luca Niccolini



Amb. Paez examining Polish-made police patrol cars and vans



With representatives of Pei Tel; at the extreme right is Key Account Manager Systems Mr. Matthias Moeck



With Mr. Piotr Czuryllo, Fairs Director of PTAK Warsaw Expo



With representatives of Pei Tel



Polish-made police patrol cars and vans outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment


Several Polish companies producing equipment and technologies for police and national security services have expressed interest in meeting the needs of the Philippine National Police (PNP).


This was conveyed to Philippine ambassador to Poland Ms. Patricia Ann V. Paez who was invited to the recently-concluded EUROPOLTECH 2017 which was held at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre in Gdansk from 26 to 28 April 2017.


EUROPOLTECH is the International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services. It is Poland’s “most important trade event dedicated to law enforcement and special services” which showcased “the latest technologies in equipment and gear used in operations, forensics, communications, ICT, personal protection, rescue, border control, traffic control, as well as equipment and weapons for the Special Operations Component Command, the Military Gendarmerie and counter-terrorist units.” It also featured technological solutions which “increase the efficiency of combating crime and enhancing the personal safety of (security) officers.


In her welcome remarks during the opening ceremony, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Police and Senior Commissioner Ms. Helena Michalak noted that EUROPOLTECH “brings in one place many specialists and experts (and provides them with a venue) to network, exchange experiences and knowledge, and for producers to know the needs” (of the police and security forces.”


Ambassador Paez met with the officials of these companies, among others: Cenzin Sp. z.o.o., Fabryka Broni Licznik Radom Sp. z.o.o or FB, PSO Maskpol SA, PCO Spolka Akcyna, Leonardo Helicopters (PZL-Swidnik), and Multitech.


CENZIN is a member of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa or PGZ (Polish Armaments Group) and is the oldest Polish enterprise engaged in the export and import of armaments, military equipment and technologies. It also “cooperates with R & D centers and institutes in the field of transfer of modern technologies and know-how.” In recent years, CENZIN has sold its “products” and technologies to Egypt, Algeria, India, and Vietnam.


FB is a Polish defence industry enterprise in Radom that produces firearms. It is also a member of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) or the Polish Armaments Group.


PSO Maskpol SA produces the following, among others: helmets; decontamination equipment and specialized equipment for the military and police; masks; respirators; filter clothes; protective caps; hoods; and first-aid kits. It is also a member of PGZ.


PCO Spolka Akcyna is the first and only manufacturer in Poland of optoelectronic devices using laser technology. Laser and optoelectronic systems are now essential to almost every type of combat military equipment. It is a leading manufacturer of observation and targeting devices with the use of laser technology, night vision and thermal imaging for the military services and for the use of individual soldiers and for combat vehicles. A member of PGZ, PCO Spolka Akcyna was given an award in the Competition for Innovations for the Armed Forces of Poland last 27 March.


PZL-Swidnik is the only producer of helicopters in Poland with the unique capability to custom-design, “develop, produce, and support aircrafts.” The Swidnik facility in Poland represents the “third pillar of the Helicopter Division’s manufacturing capability in Europe,” along with that in Italy and in the UK. The Swidnik facility is also hailed as a Centre of Excellence in Aerostructures Production and has delivered more than 7,400 helicopters to more than 40 countries, worldwide. Among its products are airframes for the AW 119Ke, the AW 109 LUH, the Grand and the AW 139; as well as the PZL-Swidnik helicopter range, including the PZL W-3A Sokol and the PZL SW-4. Manufacturing capabilities also include centre wing boxes, door mechanisms, control surfaces and fire protection linings for aerospace customers. The Philippines’ Department of National Defense (DND) had previously procured Sokol helicopters from PZL-Swidnik for the Air Force.


Multitech distributes or manufactures complete systems for audio surveillance in fixed installations or mobile targets; covert digital audio and audio/video recorders; GSP tracking devices; real time wireless transmission and 3G video surveillance; mobile phone secure communication; and professional camouflage systems. Since 2002, it has been distributing and manufacturing cutting-edge professional surveillance and counter-surveillance systems and supplies to law enforcement agencies. It is a distributor in Poland for the world’s leading manufacturers.


EUROPOLTECH 2017 was organized by the MTG SA Gdansk International Fair Co. in partnership with the General Headquarters of the Polish Police, the services of Poland’s Ministry of the Interior, national security services, Special Operations & Military Gendarmerie.