Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence Mr. Bartosz Kownacki (extreme right) addressing the participants during the opening ceremony the 14th Balt-Military Expo (BME); at the center is the President of the Board of MTG S.A. Gdansk International Fair Co. Mr. Andrzej Kasprzak , one of the co-organizers of the 14th BME



President of the Board of MTG S.A. Gdansk International Fair Co. Mr. Andrzej Kasprzak with Philippine Ambassador to Poland Ms. Patricia Ann V. Paez during the 14th BME



Ribbon-cutting ceremony formally opening the 14th Balt-Military Expo led by Mr. Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defence Mr. Bartosz Kownacki and Mr. Andrzej Kasprzak



State-of-the-art Polish Border Guard patrol craft



Ambassador Paez with the representative of Techno Marine specializing in various types of maritime vessels 



On the left is Mr. Pawel Polowy of Radiotechnik Marketing







Philippine Ambassador to Poland Ms. Patricia Ann V. Paez looked into Polish maritime/naval technologies which could be suitable in meeting the Philippines’ requirements in securing its maritime border, enhancing its maritime domain awareness, and in protecting its 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) during the 14th BALT-MILITARY-EXPO (BME). The envoy was invited by the President of the Board of MTG S.A. Mr. Andrzej  Kasprzakupon to the 14th BME which was held from 20 to 22 June 2016 at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre in the City of Gdańsk.

During the opening ceremony, Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence Mr. Bartosz Kownacki said: “Modern technologies and bilateral co-operation of the Polish Armed Forces with foreign partners lay important foundations for the strategy of the Ministry of National Defence regarding the process of building and developing capabilities needed to fulfill the tasks generated by contemporary theatre of military operations.” He added that the 14th BME’s  “international character (also) deepens bilateral relations” in the field of security.”

The Head of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Gen. Mieczysła Gocuł said: “As part of an exclusive economic zone of approximately 33 thousand km2 (11% of the area of the country), Poland is entitled to use and dispose of any resources found in the waters, on the seabed and under its surface. Important communication routes pass along the Polish coastline, all indicating growth in overall ship amount and tonnage. Access to the sea stands for the ability to conduct free trade, development of the shipbuilding industry and other branches of the economy, including sea tourism, which has been undergoing dynamic expansion. “

Inspector for the Polish Navy, General Command of the Polish Armed Forces Rear Admiral Miroslaw Mordelsaid: “The rapidly growing expansion of coastal economic zones, exploration of regions rich in energy resources and the necessity of safety protection of sea lines of communication unprecedentedly changed the safety of maritime environment.

Rear Admiral Mordel stressed that “the current Sea Orderis the result of changes taking place in response to fast growing asymmetric threatsand immediate reaction for change the balance of regional and global military power.” He also added: The development of unmanned and modular systems enforces the necessity for constant modernization and technological development of the maritime industry.”

Poland has developed a wide array of maritime/naval technologies which could  meet the Philippines’ objective to attain a “credible deterrent” capability and is a good potential source for the country’s procurement needs in the Philippines’ ongoing modernization of its armed forces, including the Navy.

Participated in by 120 exhibitors, the 14th BME also featured the latest developments in the field of command systems and maritime security of critical infrastructure as well as ground-breaking products and solutions.

Every year, the BME is visited by international official ministry-level delegations, a delegation of the military attachés accredited in Poland, and by a large contingent of guests from abroad, who represent both militaries and arms producers.

Organized since 1998, the BME is also a platform for the exchange of views, perspectives and experiences between defense technology providers and its users to improve existing and develop new cutting-edge maritime technologies.

It is complemented by the Naval Technology International Conference on Naval Technologies for Defence and Security (NATCON), which addresses the development and design of state-of-the-art naval command and weaponry systems dedicated to warships and the tasks of maritime safety, security and rescue. (END)