SEC Warning:  Fraudulent investment schemes

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has written the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) about fraudulent investment schemes that solicit investments through social media and victimize innocent Overseas Filipinos who are enticed by the promised high returns.

In his letter to DFA Secretary Locsin dated 03 June 2019, SEC Chairman Aquino warns the public about several illegal investment-taking activities and advises the public to be more cautious of fraudulent investment schemes circulating publicly and online.

The Embassy encourages the public to beware of these fraudulent investments schemes.  Please visit the SEC Advisory on Unregistered Investment Entities for more details.

The SEC offered some tips to recognize and avoid typical investment scams:

  • HIGH PROFITS - The investment sounds too good to be true;
  • SURE RETURNS - There is a promise of "guaranteed" returns; and
  • RUSH SALE - You are pressured to buy RIGHT NOW.

Warsaw, 21 June 2019.