The Embassy wishes to inform the public that compulsory quarantine is imposed on persons who cross the state borders of the Republic of Poland by plane, bus, or other means of collective transport.  The quarantine period is 10 days, counted from the day following the day on which the border was crossed.

            The following are exempted from the 10-day mandatory quarantine (Par. 3 Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 21 December 2020, as amended):

  1. Foreigners who cross the border presenting to a Border Guard officer a certificate, issued in Polish or English, of a negative result in a diagnostic test for SARS-Cov-2, done within 48 hours before entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland (effective 23 January 2021);
  2. Persons who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 and can show a certificate of vaccination;
  3. Foreigners who are spouses or children of Polish citizens or remain under their constant care are not subject to obligatory quarantine;
  4. Persons crossing the border within the European Union to perform professional or business-related activities or duties in Poland or in a neighboing country;
  5. Employees necessary to perform international rail freight transport services, including train staff, who are on the register kept by the President of the Office of Rail Transport;
  6. Medical professionals who cross the border to provide health services in Poland;
  7. Students (also postgraduate, doctoral, specialist and other) who are enrolled at university-type higher education institutions in Poland, people conducting research activities and in any other forms of learning;
  8. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland or soldiers of allied forces, officers of the Police, Border Guard, Internal Security Agency, Customs and Tax Service, State Fire Service and the State Protection Service while on duty.

            Quarantine is the confinement of a healthy individual due to exposure to infection.  Should symptoms appear during the period of quarantine, a primary health care physician should be consulted who will order an extension of the period, which cannot end earlier than 13 days after the symptoms have appeared.

            For more details on the rules governing quarantine in Poland, please visit the official government site


Warsaw, 03 February 2021