Advanced Fee Fraud Warning: PIDA


The Embassy wishes to warn the public that a certain Philippine International Development Agency (PIDA), identifying itself as a government agency and accepting tenders for development projects under its webpage, is a bogus money-making entity operating as an advanced fee scammer.

There is no Philippine Government office called Philippine International Development Agency (PIDA).

Its webpage is listed as a fake procurement scam by the Stop 419 Scams and Scammers, a website devoted to exposing scammers and fighting advanced fee frauds (419 scams). It uses a website located in Georgia, Atlanta, USA under IP address for its fraudulent activites.

The Embassy warns the public to beware of PIDA, and disregard any communications from PIDA.

Warsaw, 04 October 2019.  (Per CIR-0268-ISU-2019-S dated 02 October 2019)