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The Philippine Embassy in Warsaw, Poland advises all Filipinos travelling to Krakow for World Youth Day 2016 to take note of the following:

  1. Third-country nationals (those whose countries are not part of the
    European Union), including Filipinos, holding a valid national visa (marked with D) or a residence permit issued by one of the Schengen Member States is entitled to move on the territory of other Schengen Member States (including Poland) for a period not exceeding 90 days within any 180-day period under the following conditions:
  • has a valid travel document;
  • can justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay;
  • has sufficient funds or the ability to obtain them legally, and
  • is not considered a threat to public order, internal security, public health or international relations of any of the Member States, and in particular he/she was not a subject on this basis of an entry in the national databases of the Member States, for the purpose of refusing free entrance.
  • In addition, the foreign national's data should not be included in the national list of alerts for refusal of entry of the Member State.
  1. Visa extensions are only allowed due to humanitarian reasons (e.g. if the foreign national falls ill on or right before the end of the 90-day stay) or due to force majeur (e.g. natural or man-made disasters beyond the control of the visa holder).

Filipino pilgrims and visitors to Krakow are also advised to download the application on their smartphones or to access the website at The website contains a pilgrim’s guide and other helpful information on Krakow, such as on public transportation and accommodations available.

In case of unexpected events, a consular team has been seconded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Krakow to assist local authorities, the WYD Organizing Committee, other local institutions and consular representatives of third countries, especially those with no representation in Poland or no temporary representation in Krakow for WYD 2016.