Warsaw Poetry Reading 1Introduction of the video entitled: “Poetry Reading in different Philippine Languages”. (Warsaw PE photo)

WARSAW 02 September 2020 – The Philippine Embassy in Warsaw produced a short video entitled: “Poetry Reading in different Philippine Languages” in connection with the celebration of Buwan ng Wika 2020 on 01 September 2020.

The video features the reading of passages from the poem "Ang Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa" by Andres Bonifacio in different Philippine languages, including Filipino Masbateño, Kapampangan, Cuyunin, Cebuano, Tausug and Panggalatok (Pangasinan) to showcase the richness and diversity of the languages in the Philippine archipelago. The reading was done by volunteers across the Philippines, using their respective native tongues.

The video also featured subtitles in English and Polish, to enable foreign audiences to understand the material and gain an appreciation for Philippine culture and history.  The video may be viewed on the Embassy’s Facebook page through this link: END

Warsaw Poetry Reading 2Poetry reading in seven Philippine languages. (Warsaw PE photo)

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