ADVISORY NO. 18/2021 - POEA Warning Against Direct Hiring to Poland


The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has issued POEA Advisory No. 76-2021 dated 15 June 2021 warning Filipino workers in the United Arab Emirates, in Taiwan, in the Philippines and in other parts of the Middle East and Asia, against third-country hiring schemes (direct hiring) for deployment to Poland.

Under direct hiring, Filipino workers are recruited to work in Poland by unscrupulous recruiters based outside the Philippines, usually by means of attractive social media posts.  The workers are asked to pay exorbitant fees, only to later discover that they were promised false employment - nonexistent employers or job positions, jobs that do not match the job description, or poor and sub-standard working conditions.

Those deployed this way often also encounter problems in their employment or immigration status once they reach Poland.

To avoid the dangers of third-country hiring, and to ensure the legitimacy of their employment and the protection of their welfare, the POEA encourages Filipino workers desiring to work in Poland to deal only with licensed Philippine recruitment agencies in the Philippines that have valid and POEA-approved job orders for Filipino workers in Poland. 

POEA Advisory No. 76 reiterates the ban on direct hiring save only in a few instances prescribed by law.  It likewise reminds workers and Philippine recruitment agencies that collecting excessive placement fees grossly exceeding a worker's monthly salary is a punishable recruitment violation. Furthermore, POEA invites prospective workers to visit its list of licensed Philippine recruitment agencies with job orders or vacancies for Poland

The Embassy encourages all prospective workers, employers, recruiters and other stakeholders to heed this POEA warning against all forms of direct or third-country hiring to Poland.


Warsaw, 18 June 2021