The Philippine Embassy in New Zealand wishes to bring to the attention of the Filipino Community the highly unethical practices of many New Zealand-based schools in using agencies such as this “Edu Consult” who misleadingly entice Filipinos all over the world to come to New Zealand with FALSE promises of long-term work and residence. Such agencies not only make false claims, but also charges exorbitant fees.  Many Filipinos have accordingly been misled, and have returned empty-handed and disappointed back to the Philippines from New Zealand after completing sub-standard but expensive courses. In desperation, some have even turned to prostitution in NZ, some have even committed suicide.

For background on this sad phenomenon, Post wishes to refer to the following news items:

We warn all Filipinos about offers of study to NZ to schools other than Universities, especially agents or advisers. Filipinos should in particular be warned that study DOES NOT GUARANTEE WORK & RESIDENCE, and that many NZ schools have been shut down, and agents prosecuted. The New NZ Government is also clamping down on immigration in general, so even previously “legitimate” migration scheme are now in “limbo.”

While NZ has some of the world’s best universities, many of their Technical Institutes and “Private Tertiary Education (PTE)providers are quite frankly diploma mills. Education fraud mainly comes from these TI’s and PTE’s who tap predatory agents and advisers to lure Filipinosboth in the Philippines and abroad, particularly the Middle East, SE Asia and Hong Kong, and via social media. Most Filipinos are attracted to the idea of NZ study not because of the education but for the false promise of work and residence